Develops IT-systems for IT resellers

Productguide is a standard system for integration to suppliers in the IT industry. Productguide ensures that there is an effective flow of product information. The products focus on ensuring quality and advanced usage of the supplier’s product information. The product information is not only price but also weight, language, technical specifications etc. The information is available on an internal website, in sales tools and in your ERP system.

The solution is based on FS System’s innovative system architecture, but the value comes also from the business model. Productguide is built to ensure stability, traceability and effectiveness trough out the whole product management.

The system architecture allows for advanced real time integration with our customers ERP system. With the help of Productguide the product information in your ERP is always current and of high quality. This allows the purchasing department to keep a high level of service and information to the sales department as well as customers.